Sustainable Energy EcoSystems

In the context of the BMBF-announcement Zwanzig20 – Partnership for Innovation a powerful consortium of more than 150 partners from industry and research has been assembled. The initiative pursues a trans- and interdisciplinary, intersectoral research and development approach under the heading “Sustainable Energy EcoSystems – innovative system solutions for sustainable energy systems worldwide” which represents the adequate approach of problem-solving for the infrastructural challenge of the 21 century in general and for subjects concerning energy in particular.

The initiative pursues an open innovation process in the ecological sense of the concept “EcoSystems” which merges the competences, enterprises and research networks distributed in the area of East Germany. Furthermore the open innovation process aligns the available resources and creating forces to establish services and products which are competitive in the global market. With this in mind further partners are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us.